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Welcome to Hive80! Let's help you get started...
We have a lot of great features unique to, so the following is a quick, step-by-step guide to help get you started. Remember that you must register and/or login to access all of the Hive80 features.

PART ONE: Where do I start?

To access content on, register here.

No personal information collected during the registration process will be shared publicly, however whatever user name you select will be public to all users of the site. You can create any username that abides by the terms of service agreement.

Based on your username selection, you can remain as anonymous or public on the site as you decide to be or not to be.

Hive80 - How to register

Click the yellow power button to login to

Hive80: How to login

As a reminder, if you are not registered, logged in, and a member of hives on hive80.Com, you will not be able to post, comment, or reply on the site.

Click the blue “Explore Hives” button or the “Find Your Hive” dropdown at the top of your screen to view all hive options.

You have to be a member of a hive to post or join a conversation within that hive. Once a member, you’ll be able to add topics, reply, and interact with other hive members.

The biggest benefit, however, is that your activity feed will now show recommended content from within that hive. New posts, news, photos, videos and more will all be shown to you since your membership shows us it’s a topic you’re interested in.

The easiest way to join a hive is to click the “Join Hives” button from Explore Hives page to join a hive. You can also join from the hive itself, or various other places throughout the Hive80 experience.

There are lots of things you can do once in the hive forums. Here are a few examples of some of the basic options:

1. First select your hive (from either Hive Overview Page, dropdown menu, or your profile)

2. …then you can join a conversation…

3. …or start a conversation of your own!

There are many option to share on Hive80. Your update can be as simple as sharing how you’re feeling, or you can embed pictures videos and links.

1. How to post a picture or video.
Simply click the picture or video bottom at the top of a forum input box:


2. How to auto-embed a link.
You can also paste a link to an interesting article you’ve read, or youtube video you watched to share with your hive.

Remember to hit enter on your keyboard before submitting your post to make sure that your post shows up in the correct format on the site.

Our online community is designed to create a welcoming environment that encourages the sharing of experiences in the areas of health, wellness and medical topics.

Generally, we encourage all users to be kind and helpful, though you can view the complete “rules of the road” here.

PART TWO: What else can I do on Hive80?

You can access your profile anytime by clicking the person icon in the left toolbar or by selecting your name and profile picture in the right column of your Newsfeed page.

Hive80: How To Access Profile

Simply click the “Message” button on one of your friend’s profiles to send them a direct, private message.

From within the direct message screen, you can also add other friends to create a private group chat not visible to other hive80 members.

There are lots of ways to find interesting content on Hive80. You can join hives of interest, add friends, or search for topics that speak to you.

A unique feature of Hive80, is the ability to quickly access content you’ve liked in the past. To do so, simply click the “My Likes” link from your Activity Feed. This will automatically surface all of the posts and status updates that you’ve liked over time.

Hive80: How to find interesting content

We’re always striving to deliver a more personalized experience, but the best way to discover relevant content is to join hives that you find interesting.

Once you join a hive, you’ll see updates from that specific hive in your Activity Feed, which comes pre-filtered to deliver content that is “recommended” for you based on your activity on the site.

How to filter your activity feed:

  • If you would like to remove this filter and see all activity on the, select “All Activity”.
  • If you would like to see only your friends content, select “My Friends”
  • If you would like to see only content posted in hives you have joined, select “My Hives”

Hive80: How To Filter Your Newsfeed

We’re not perfect, though we strive to be… and part of that involves hearing what you’d like to see next on

If you have any questions, concerns, issues or compliments, click on our feedback button located on the right-hand side of every page on the site. We’d love to hear from you!

Our mission is you, us, community, sharing and humanity, by creating a healthier and more connected world. We have built the platform to connect good people to great support. Good and bad—experiences with doctors, hospitals, and healthcare will be shared. Drugs, devices and alternative treatments covered. From cancer diagnosis and treatment to the pilgrimage to stay healthy and young. We’re here to connect the support seekers, the 80% plus, and encourage humans to be there for humans again. The more users we have, the more everyone benefits.


Welcome to Hive80!


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