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  • This article has some really interesting facts.

  • It is so important to make sure your diet is well rounded when including exercise in your daily routine.

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    • This is great, thank you so much for sharing! I feel like I always under or over eat after my workouts and the yo-yoing in my diet does way more harm than good!
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      Here are 25 simple ways to hack your own happiness.

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      • Love this!! Having a positive attitude and outlook really can change so much.
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        itslaura posted in the I Am Woman hive

        This is so interesting. I don’t think that 1/100 is THAT rare though. It seems to be more common than I wold have expected.

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        • This is definitely more common than I expected! I always assumed that almost every woman goes through the same amount of pain during childbirth, very interesting read!
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